National Claims Research Directors

The National Claims Research Directors (NCRD) is a national body of specialized technicians who manage over thirty centralized Claims Research Units (CRUs) mandated to research and develop evidence related to the claims, grievances, and disputes between First Nations and the Crown. Much of the NCRD’s work is focused on the development of specific claims against the federal government related to its breach of lawful obligations against First Nations, pursuant to Canada’s specific claims policy and Specific Claims Tribunal Act. The NCRD is also involved in the development of claims related to First Nations’ title and rights and treaty entitlements, and in litigation support on a range of issues related to the claims, disputes, and grievances of First Nations. In the course of this work NCRD members collectively access hundreds of thousands of records from federal government institutions over the course a given year.

The NCRD meet gather in Ottawa, Ontario, each May to connect and discuss issues that have national implications